LGPD – 5 things a cookie banner must have to be compliant

LGPD – Cookies can provide information on which activities favor growth and where to put our focus in terms of time, effort and advertising expenses. However, with the LGPD, the requirements for consent and compliance are increasing. But, where to start the adaptation to the LGPD?

We made a list of the 5 main resources that your cookie banner must have to comply with LGPD.

A good banner is not just a poster that informs the user that the site uses cookies, but rather it is a technical and legal tool that manages consent and blocks cookies, unless the user explicitly expresses his permission.

An ideal cookie banner should contain (to be LGPD compliant):

1. You must present all the cookies that the site uses in a clear and detailed way

This includes specifying the functionality of the cookie (for example, statistical or functional) and the cookie service provider you are using (for example, Google Analytics or Freshworks). The purpose of the cookie must also be explained correctly. Users must be able to understand what a statistical, functional, necessary, etc. cookie means.

2. Give your users the ability to quickly alter consent settings

At any time, users must be able to alter the way in which they consent to the use of their own personal data. When they withdraw a certain consent, that must be respected and the tracking must be stopped immediately.

3. Data owner rights

The banner must give the user the possibility to request that their own data be deleted, or request an explanation of how their data is being processed by the company.

4. Correct language

If your users fail to understand your consent settings, your consent is invalid. The banner must appear in a language that the site visitor can understand. Many of these banners automatically detect the language of visitors and display the banner in that language.



All of these resources are offered on the illow platform. The platform also allows the company to download and track all consents and requests received.

This new digital era in which we are living brings with it many changes in all aspects. The world of commerce is no exception and, in recent years, digital purchases have become routine for almost everyone.

These companies, like all, must respect the rules of personal data protection. Given the tendency of companies to invest in their technological development and promote technological initiatives, we consider exhaustive compliance with data protection regulations to be of vital importance, as well as having an adequate cookie policy.

For site owners, the two main things that need to be considered are: how to manage and store personal data, and the use and tracking of cookies on the site.

The explicit consent of the user is essential to be able to store and process the data. As a provider, it is not only necessary to formalize the authorization, but also to ensure that the client can consult the content of the consent at any time and have the possibility to revoke it.

Your site compliant with LGPD in 5 minutes!