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Keep? Block? Delete? Data Deletion in HR.

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In some cases (fiscal) you may need to keep employee data for up to 10 years, maybe more. But how about deleting it from third-party apps that are not needed anymore

Conflicting Regulations

Regulations may have conflicting requirements for data privacy. Just choose the Apps that won't need the employee data and keep the mandatory in your company's vault.

Then, it's time to automate data deletion:​

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First, easily set it up.

Set up how you receive data deletion requests, our form, a button in your App, or our API.

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Then, sync and automate with HR tools.

Now sync your data sources with the 3rd party app that are using the data you need to delete. You can also add a custom API option to easily integrate any tool. 

So simple to integrate.

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Get your HR team to the next level

Explore key features for HR data:

Third-party Apps and your own database

Sync the 3rd party apps that are using the data you need to delete.  You may use our API to add custom data sources and use the full-featured power of illow's PrivacyOps platform. Explore, select, and add sources to begin with the data deletion requests. 


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Data deletion of +500 third-party apps. On any server.

Once you found and selected the third parties where data has to be deleted, configure the API with your rules to automate the process.

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Configure inputs for data request

The process is as simple as receiving a data deletion request, verifying it, processing it, and completing it. Your data Inputs can range from a DSR form, delete my data buttons in apps, or a direct message.

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Dashboard with request status

Get a 360 view of the data deletion requests, the details per each one of them, and updates for manual processes.

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How about some detailed info on these requests?

Everything you need to know about the status of every data deletion request.

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