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Michigan (MPDPA): How to make your site MPDPA Compliant


Michigan Personal Data Protection Act- Michigan, USA 🇺🇸 Understanding cookies and their role in online browsing is crucial for safeguarding your privacy. Cookies, small text files dropped by websites onto your device, serve important functions but also have implications for data collection. To address privacy concerns, global regulations such as the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) have been implemented. […]

Third Party Cookies: All you need to know.


What are Third-Party Cookies? Third-party cookies originate from websites other than the one the user is browsing. They are created when elements from other sites, such as ads or images, are integrated into the visited page. If a server hosting these elements sets a cookie, it is stored in the user’s browser. This is primarily […]

Digital Agencies & Privacy Solutions: Make all your sites compliants with just one platform.

Digital Agencies and Privacy Agencies in the digital world shape businesses’ online presence. But their role is more than just creating websites. They also face the challenge of ensuring privacy regulations are met globally. In an era where data privacy is crucial, agencies managing multiple domains need a solution to balance innovation and compliance. Data […]